Oh hey, I'm glad you're here :)

My name is Amber. I come here to you from a modest background and a very, very typically English family. Spagetti on toast, turkey drumsticks and weather anyone? I have also lived in many other countries: NZ (family live there now), DE, NL (Master's in Child Psychology from here), ES, PL. I love to travel, especially where the nature rocks - e.g. Iceland.

Since I was little, I've been fascinated by nature and design. Stick me in a pretty spot outdoors and I will be content for hours appreciating the designs nature has to offer.

I want to build my web dev, programming, and design (UI/UX) skills and am endeavouring to do so without formal tutoring. Update (07.04.17) - through my efforts I've been offered an internship at a design agency. Yay!

I am currently interested in so many things - HTML/CSS/JS, UX, animation, start-ups, apps, graphic design. I have loads to learn and am already making great coding friends from so many different backgrounds thanks to codebar. Cheers to learning and growing together :)