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Amber on Tempelhof Field in Berlin

My name is Amber and I'm a frontend engineer living in Berlin. I currently work at N26 where I use a wide range of modern web technologies including React, GraphQL, Jest, Apollo, and webpack.

I am particularly interested in web performance, accessibility, and security. I strongly believe the web is for everyone, regardless of disability or device. I also believe in using the least powerful technology possible for any task.

In 2016 I began attending codebar in Brighton (UK) to gain developer skills. Once I began my first web development job in 2017 I switched to help organise codebar in Brighton, and from 2018 onwards in Berlin. I have given several talks at conferences across Europe, and volunteered at/attended many others.

I'm constantly learning, every day, as a developer. I'm thankful for the wonderful dev community I'm a part of, and for every learning experience. It makes me feel so good to look back at my progress. I can't wait to see how much I'll learn in the coming years.