Can You Code A Design?

If you said "YES", how exciting! Well done, you :-) But wait... it's not always a bed of roses. If you've already developed a real web page from a design, maybe you'll nod along to some of the points I have made below. The past two weeks, I’ve learned loads from building a static page using Gatsby (React) and SCSS (in this case CSS Modules, although I'd have been partial to some Styled Components). React and SCSS get on pretty well from what I have seen. And static site generators like Gatsby help you set them up to work together. The configuration is the hardest part. Once you're past that, developing with these two is a breeze. But wait... is it?

In short, this post is all about things I’ve learned from building a page from a design (so far - I am only 2 weeks in - part 2 of this post will come once I wrap the project up) ✏️ 💻

So, here is my two-weeks worth of advice:

You can apply all, any or none of the above suggestions, plus any others that you find. All of them will require some effort, and definitely some extra time. How much effort is the outcome of your project, and the stress levels of those involved, worth? 😉

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