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Mobile First

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Today I realised I wasn't adhering to a new, up-and-coming idea called 'Mobile First'...maybe you've heard of it?

Once I had written a correct media query to adhere to this interesting new idea, I noticed my site looked pretty ugly.

ugly site

But still good on all screens less than 520px.

mobile site

It is supposed to look similar on desktop.

pretty site

I effectively had to switch my mindset around. Instead of thinking of everything inside a media query as belonging to the mobile part of my design, I had to imagine it contained the desktop design. And the place where desktop code lived before now resides within a media query. The resulting switch didn't take long to accomplish and gave me another chance to look at my CSS, and to tidy it up a little - always a good practice now and again.

In any case, I can now feel proud that my site adheres to the best practice of Mobile First design.

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