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Newbie Dev Tips

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I coached a new codebar student on HTML tonight. As she and I made our websites on owls, many tips for new developers popped into my head - in the order you see below!

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  • Developer tools - Developers use this every single's awesome and super helpful, and smart devs know how to utilise it!
  • Text editor - Every dev has their fave one...they have tonnes of downloadable extras to help you create the perfect development playground!
  • Github - version control, collaboration with other devs, and code sharing... so many great projects and people!
  • Open source - Shared projects, diverse inputs, inspirational outputs... the spirit that makes the Web great!
  • Stack Overflow - A developer's encyclopedia... a good dev will spend time every day searching online for the best answers!
  • Readable code - Writing code and commenting for other devs in your team to read... hugely important for a happy developer environment!
  • HTML = structure, CSS = style - Very important to keep in mind... see CSS Zen Garden for the best depiction of this!
  • Devs aren't perfect - Even the super-super smart ones... everyone has gaps in their knowledge, and there are definitely things you can teach them too!
  • Networking - meetups, workshops, pair-programming, clubs, events... doesn't matter where, but it matters that you do it (good things happen)!
  • Learning - This is key to enjoying development work... learn, create, share, repeat!
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