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Preparing to Talk

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If you went to #BrightonSEO and thought "Hey, it would be cool to speak on stage one day"... Read this!

— Hannah Butcher (@HannahFButcher) April 12, 2017

It is T-minus 4 months and 3 days until I am due to give my first talk on web stuff at Material in Iceland.

I decided to jump in the deep end with this one, but I'm relishing the challenge.

Recently, I've gathered resources on public speaking, talked to people about it, and joined clubs like Brighton and Hove Speakers Club (BAHSC).

Hannah Butcher, the author of the quote above, recommends this: Identify a topic, choose a title, get your slides ready, build your confidence. Hannah also talks of being an introvert and how this doesn't stop her from speaking on stage, which is great.

I can't thank people enough for getting their advice and stories of personal experience out there. I am also humbled by the kindness of other speakers, particularly at BAHSC where I had my first meeting last night. The members are so eager to help and so wonderfully positive that I'll surely thrive under their guidance. They even offered to give up weekends to mentor me and help me practice my talk.

Next step - prepare my talk. Another fun step :) Let's go!

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