g Amber Wilson


Welcome to my learning process. Today I tried learning about URLs.

1: Sizzling Intro (Overconfidence)

URLs are still a killer feature of the Web. This is what Chris Coyier wrote recently on CSS tricks.


So, URLs have stood the test of time on the Web, providing us from the very beginning with an unmanned gateway to information, ability to share things, and to search (where would we be today without our trusty search engines?)

URLs seem simple. You type them in and voila. There can't be much to them, right?

2: Lots of Confusion

Wrong. I found these. What do they mean?

3: Craving Different Perspectives

I learn by researching the same topic written on by different people (btw this is why you should blog). I found articles on URIs/URLs/URNs, e.g. here, here and here. I discovered lots of different, confusing terminology.

4: Listening is Learning

Desperate for some understanding, I watched two videos, here and here. I discovered simpler explanations and handy diagrams.

5: Drawing Pretty Pictures

I want to convey simply what a URL (and URI/URN) is. This inspired me to draw!

6: URLy Like This

SVG diagram

This pic contains all parts of a URL I could find. Below are the (non-exhaustive) 1000 words it paints:

6: Examples I Found


7: TL;DR