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What Am I Looking For?

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Equally importantly - what are you looking for?

What people want is important. And that’s never truer for web developers and for the people who employ them.

Hello people of the web. I am looking for a junior web developer position! Preferably in sunny Brighton by the sea 😎

However, please read on even if you are not based in Brighton!

As a junior developer who has just finished her first internship at a web design agency, there are many things I’ve learned.

The learning process has been great. I’ve tried so many different things and been able to form ideas about what I really like doing, how I like to work and how essential it is for me and the people I work for to look out for and support each other.

Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed diving into varied and structured tasks that range from using HTML, CSS and JS all the way to PHP, content management systems (Craft CMS), and databases. Please see what I’ve been working on here.

I am really interested in working for a web design or development company that will be happy to help me continue learning and increasing my skills.

I am equally interested in giving back to the people I work for and helping them achieve exactly what they need.

I tend to like working primarily on the frontend and with the UI (especially using HTML and CSS), and am interested in working a lot with JavaScript. I am also very interested in working with back end technologies and knowing how everything hooks up.

Aside from this, I really do love learning everything and putting it all into practice. Whether it is front end, back end, best practices, semantic code, SOLID principles, documentation. Everything that goes into creating a successful product while working alongside a lovely team who also love to learn and try new things.

Speaking of trying new things, I would love to work somewhere that has begun to use and work with new and emerging technologies such as AI, VR and machine learning.

With my experience working in and studying psychology, I can provide a very useful perspective in my approach to development and the products I work on. I value communication and wellbeing in teams really highly and always want to look for ways to improve this - whether by talking to people, reviewing how we work, and helping to keep people motivated and happy in their jobs.

I love to be involved in the web development community as much as possible. From humble beginnings attending codebar as a student all the way to organising it, public speaking at three conferences (Material, NightlyBuild, and Bytes), attending and volunteering at many different conferences and events, and writing about psychology, tech and everything in between.

If you are a friendly and open company on the search for a junior developer who is insatiably curious, lives to learn, and loves to try new things, please get in touch either through Twitter or email :)

See my CV.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Jeremy Keith Jeremy Keith
    Amber Wilson: What Am I Looking For? December 7th, 2017 If you’re looking for a Brighton-based junior developer, you should snap up Amber right now!