DevTips on Youtube

Watching Travis getting excited about shadows is definitely a highlight of my day :)


Marcy Sutton on Youtube

Nice talk on Web accessibility and performance by Marcy Sutton.


If you want to learn JavaScript, or a number of other cool things, Kirupa is a great guy with a really clear and gentle teaching style. He's on Youtube too.


Anne with an E

Netflix's 'Anne with an E'. Saw this advertised and was intrigued. I love Anne's use of language and her ideas. I've written down quotes already - e.g. "It has been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy something if you make up your mind firmly that you will. Of course you must make up your mind firmly."


web developer video

There is something unique about how this man gets his message about web development across. And starting around minute six, he launches into a passionate escapade about why he loves it. I recommend a watch!


xml video

I joined the Schmuffles to learn about SVGs with 'You, Me & SVG!' at Codeschool. Shame I had to pay after just one level.


Just some stuff I've been reading...cue the feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day...


xml video

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, world champion of public speaking 2014 - winning speech. Such a joy to watch.


xml video

I discovered something new today thanks to Joschi...XML. Well, it's new to me anyway. I'm excited. Let's get an RSS feed up!


My Writing Process (every single time)
  1. "Today I was reminded of the importance of connecting with others." - too many 'ofs'.
  2. "Today I was reminded of how important it is to connect with others." - less 'ofs' but too much alliteration.
  3. "Today I was reminded how important connecting with others really is." - much better, onto the next sentence!


free javascript course

Through Medium, which I love, I found this article by Beau Carnes. Just tonight, a developer friend recommended I study JavaScript ES6 prior to my internship in June. I am really happy I found a free online course.


master algorithm

Have begun reading this book about machine learning. The way Pedro Domingos writes is incredible. He has an amazing way with words. ❤


cookie warning

Researching cookies on the BBC website.


material conference

Pretty damn excited and honoured to be speaking at this unique conference that'll help people see the Web from a different perspective. Something I believe to be a very important exercise. Thanks to Joschi and Brian for the opportunity.


css grid

Ah, oops, I'll need to download a newer version of Chrome to play the CSS Grid Garden.


HTTP talk

Ana Balica talked about HTTP at Render Conf. Something I've been learning about too. Looking forward to meeting her at PyLadies in London soon for tips on public speaking and starting with Python.


magical image

Always searching for images that whisk me away to another world. I want to draw some too. I need a tablet.


It's April Fool's Day, but this post is no joke :) I've realised the importance of writing things down, no matter how crappy they are, how short, how incomprehensible. Just write your ideas down. Creativity and ideas weren't ever meant to fit into a neat little box. They were meant to spill outside it, to be 'out-of-the-box', to be messy. You won't get things done nearly as fast if you expect every piece of writing or every idea to be perfect straight off the bat. Do as children do - be messy, explore, don't care who's watching.

Inspired by Jeremy Keith's post.

first draft


file compressor site

file compressor site

One of the CSS-related pictures below was >1.2mb on initial upload. Ouch. Since I read Lara Hogan's book, Designing for Performance, I sought out a file compressor. I found Optimizilla, which compressed my images by 75% with no change in quality. So easy and simple. And, I have the option to compress further by removing colours.


CSS explanation

CSS explanation

CSS Diner and Specifishity. Two exciting resources for taking a deep dive into the power of CSS selectors.


UX tips

My favourite Medium article on UX so far! It cuts to the chase, cuts out the BS, and is written with vigour. I immediately wanted to be friends with the author, Miriam Isaac.


movie clip

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). This film means so much to me. One of the pieces that makes up the magical, whimsical part of my childhood. My mum recently sent me a special edition DVD. I adore the stop-motion animation, which also reminds me of Wallace and Gromit. I realise now how deep the message of the story is from the outset and how beautifully the animation, songs, voices and storyline fit together. So stoked this film was made. It's motivating me to create stories using stop-motion - something I did aged 17.