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A little poem about HTTPS.

— CSS-Tricks (@Real_CSS_Tricks) May 12, 2017

Sending info over the Web?

If yes it pays to use your head.

HTTP is the protocol which

Can send data at the flip of a switch.

But did you think where your info’s displayed?

It could get lost or might end up astray.

We all like to login or buy things online.

But in doing so, will our data be fine?

Tricksters and thieves are watching and waiting

For your info they get by locating

The plaintext file containing your details.

This is where HTTP alone fails.

Have no fear, add an ’S’ to the end.

Then attackers cannot read what you send.

The ’S’ is short for ‘SSL’,

Something really very swell.

It helps you to encrypt your files,

And does this with integrity and style.

Data integrity to be exact,

Authentication, confidentiality and all that.

Your data is encrypted and needs the correct key

To be seen and read by you and not me.

To be certain SSL makes a site secure,

A certificate authority helps reassure

That a site is in fact the real deal

And not a fake, hacker-rich ordeal.

Of course SSL is not without flaw

But it always evolves and won’t ever withdraw.

If the information here is confusing to you,

There are others who have explained this stuff too.

Find some great info here, here, and here,

For those of you who are still quite unclear

On how HTTP can add just one little letter

To help make the Web securer and better.

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  1. Jeremy Keith Jeremy Keith
    I think this is still my favourite explanation of HTTPS: