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Pseudo Selectors

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I only just found out that ::before (:before) and ::after (:after) are pseudo elements, which are different from pseudo classes. Both of these are grouped under pseudo selectors. I like this quote from MDN ~

Even the most skilled web developers are still amazed by what's possible using selectors.

pseudo selectors are only two types of selectors. The others are: simple selectors, attribute selectors, multiple selectors and combinators. All of these help us to target and style HTML elements.

So, pseudo selectors include both pseudo elements and pseudo classes. They are added to the end of other selectors, and don't apply to whole elements, only parts of them.

The pseudo classes (e.g. :hover, :focus, and :nth-of-type() - plus 38 others) style elements in a certain state.

The pseudo elements (e.g. ::after, ::before, and ::first-letter - plus 3 others, not including experimental ones) apparently need :: rather than :, although I've used them with only one. These don't depend on the state of an element.

See this MDN page for great examples and to use their awesome active learning playground (I did and it was great for learning)!